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Plumbing Kit

Our all-in-one plumbing kit has everything you need to replace the common plumbing fixtures in your house. Install new kitchen and bathroom faucets and drains like a pro!​

How the heck does this job kit thing work?


Rent a Job Kit
from us.


We'll deliver it
to your door.


You do the work
like a boss.


We'll pick them up
when you're done.

What's included in my job kit?

  • Faucet Tool

  • Sink Drain Wrench

  • 1 1/8 Copper Tube Cutter

  • 1 1/4 PVC Cut Tool

  • Four-Way Key

  • Tub Drain Wrench

  • 11in Basin Wrench

  • 10in Soft-Jaw Channel Locks

  • 12in Standard Channel Locks

  • PVC Cable Saw

Complete Kit Guarantee
Our kits are guaranteed to have everything you need for the job. If for some reason they don't, simply buy the tool you need (up to $50) and place it (and the receipt) into the kit when you return it. Not only will we refund you for the tool purchase, but we'll give you 20% off your next order for helping us make our kits that much better for the next customer!
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