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Customer Stories


Kyle K.

Burke, VA

"I needed a belt sander in order to refinish our small front porch before we listed our house for sale. I reserved one on the brentabl app and it was delivered right to my door - they even included a belt to get me started. Could not have been easier."

Belt Sander

Kim H.

Springfield, VA

"Our air conditioning went out and the repair company couldn't come out for a week to fix it. We rented a portable A/C unit from brentabl. They brought it right to the door and we hooked it up in our bedroom - it was a lifesaver!"

Portable A/C - Small


Dennis C.

Fairfax Station, VA

"I never thought I'd have to rent a lawn mower, but then mine broke down and because of supply chain issues, it took several weeks to get a new one. brentabl delivered a great battery-powered mower to my house not once, but twice. Got the job done and helped me decide what kind of mower to buy next."

Lawn Mower - Battery

Tom S.

Burke, VA

"My mom had knee replacement surgery and needed new handrails to help get up and down the steps. I don't own a miter saw so I rented one from brentabl. Way better than driving to the big box store and trying to fit the saw in my Mazda!"

Miter Saw - 12" Compound

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