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Finally, a tool subscription that works! 

Get access to dozens of high-quality tools for as little as $9.99/mo. Sign-up below to be notified when we're available in your area and receive a free copy of How to Fix Anything.

Reserve a tool from our website or mobile app.

Retrieve the tool from our secure shed with a special lock code.

Get your job done.

Return the tool and get on with your day.

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Stop wandering around the house looking for misplaced tools, parts, and attachments.

Browse the Shelves


Whether it's water damage from a leaky pipe or it's time for some new bathroom tile, we have everything you need to make tear-down and clean-up a breeze!

General Construction

Need to tackle an indoor renovation project? brentabl has everything you need, from miter saws to nail guns, to belt sanders.

Outdoor Equipment

We carry a full line of outdoor tools such as pressure washers, generators, and plate compactors to meet all of your rental needs.

Painting & Finishing

Old fence need painting or staining? We carry a variety of paint and stain sprayers for rent along with specialized sanders and other finishing tools. Are we missing something you need? Contact us and we'll see if we can add it.

Lawn & Garden

We cary all of the lawn & garden tools you need to keep your outdoor space looking great. We have chainsaws, bed redefiners, pole saws, hedge trimmers, log splitters, and everything in between.


Avoid expensive plumbing bills with the right tools, from drain augers to newer unclogging tools that use air, we carry everything you need to keep the pipes clean and the water moving!

Right Tool Guarantee: if we don't have the right tool for the job, we'll get it. Guaranteed!*

*Ok, maybe not a backhoe. Some reasonable price/size restrictions do apply. Come on, now.

Starting from scratch?
Get a Job Kit.

Job kits are all-inclusive tool kits that have everything you need to get the job done. Stop driving back and forth to the big box store to buy a bunch of tools you'll probably only use once.

Complete Kit Guarantee: Our kits are guaranteed to have everything you need for the job. If for some reason they don't, simply buy the tool you need (up to $50) and place it (and the receipt) into the kit when you return it. Not only will we refund you for the tool purchase, but we'll give you 20% off your next order for helping us make our kits that much better for the next customer!

Plumbing Kit
Electrical Repair/Install Kit
Drywall Repair Kit
Painting Kit
Water Damage Clean-Up
Cornhole Game Kit

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